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How does the 'Save as Updateable' feature work between JET upgrades? I have a product that was compiled using the Java profile, and I want to update everyone to the new

I just ran a test, and it appears to work, but I thought I might ask first before I release.

Just out of curiosity, how far back can an updateable work? What if I have a customer who has not upgraded for a long time (i.e. they are still on 1_5_0_B) and they use my updater? I will run a few test here, but an answer from the experts would be more reassuring  ;D

Thank you,


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I just did a test using the latest JET (6.4 Professional on XP). I have an older application installed (compiled with profile 1.6.0_7) and I created an updater using the new build (compiled with profile 1.6.0_10). It did not go as smoothly as I hoped.

The first issue is that a 'Read Me' file that was updated from the last build (and from the time the updater project was created) was not included in the new updater. When I went to look at the included files for the updater build, the tooltip that came up when I hovered over the 'Read Me' file stated:

"This file was included in the original build and will not be included"

(or something to that effect)

I would expect that the updater would simply compare modification dates on any files that I have included for packaging and include them. The fix was to manually copy it over into the 'Package Files' field.

The other unexpected behavior was from the packager itself. When I opened the updater profile it gave me a warning stating:

"The file: 'your executable' was compiled by another version of JET. Though it is compatible with this project, it is recommended to rebuild."

This was not correct since I did the build with the 1.6.0_10 profile.

The test that I performed was to install a fresh copy of my 1.6.0_7 application, and then apply an update from the 1.6.0_10 updater. Since I have not really changed much in my code it seems to work, but I did have one glitch with the database interface. I rebuilt the updater and applied, and now it seems to work. However, I did not feel confident about this process, so I uninstalled and did a full installation.

I guess I am still wondering how JET manages a change in profiles like this? How automatic is it? Do I need to manually include files (like the 'Read Me' example) that have changed? Do I recommend a fresh install for my customers when a new profile is created?

Thank you,


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