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Capital letters aren't displayed properly

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Hi, I'm new to this. The last time I used Modula 2 is about 15 years ago in my Computer 101.  :)

I'm using Win XP. My computer's CPU is Sempron.

When I type in capital letters, the letters are displayed in a such way that the preceding letter obscure the next letter. Because one can't avoid using capital letters in Mod2, this make it impossible for me to code. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Is that a problem in the XDS environment and its integrated editor? If it is, have you tried to use another font (Configure - Colors and Fonts - Tab "Editor", there's a button to set the Fonts)? I use Fixedsys/Standard which works well but I am using Windows Vista. If you cannot solve the problem that way, have a look at alternative editors (e.g. Notepad++, there are some posts here to help with this).

Good luck,


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