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Custom Uninstall

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Hello there,

I am making an installer which installs a java program normally and as a windows service.

Everything works fine except for the fact that during the uninstall process I need to have the service uninstalled first and the java program later. How do I do that? There is an uninstall script for the service but I do not know how to invoke it from the Uninstaller.

I have also read something about writing an uninstallation callback dll but I do not know how to do that. Is there some sample code for that? How do I name the dll? Do I place it in the HOME folder of my installation?


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I am also interested in this topic.

Instead of us writing custom DLLs, why not provide a generic DLL that calls a shell script or two or just the ability to run a few shell scripts before the uninstall proceeds?


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In the version 1.8 the uninstall Callback DLL is a single way to add extra functionality to the uninstallation process. Your own callback DLL will be invoked once just before uninstallation is started, so it can perform custom uninstallation actions.

A uninstall callback DLL must be added to the package files and may have any name. There is no restriction to the place inside package where a uninstall сallback DLL is located.

The uninstall callback DLL should export the function:

int __stdcall PreUninstall (void)

Return value of the functions is a return code. If they return a non-zero value, the uninstallation process will be terminated and a dialog displaying the respective message and the return code, will appear.

Note: when building the DLL, enable the static linking mode so that they do not depend on any other DLLs except those implementing the system API.

Excelsior Delivery includes a sample named "InstallCustomization". This sample shows how to use installation and uninstallation callback DLLs.

It is a good idea to support pre-uninstall actions like the post-install actions, say, "Run always". In one of the next versions we will do it. 

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