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How do I build installer updates from the commandline?

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I currently build my project from the commandline using the following command:

jc -quiet =p =a ".\MyProj.prj"

I then pack it using the command:

xpack MyProj.jpn -target c:\temp\InstallMyProj.exe

This builds the installer fine, but is there any way of making updatable files, and update installers, from the commandline?

Many thanks for any pointers in the right direction,


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First when building the original installation you should have to save the project as updatable (create .jpu file). The file includes all information about the contents of the package.

If you did not do that, open MyProj.jpn with JetPackII, go to the last page and save it as updatable, say under the name "original-installation-digest".

Then create new project in JetPackII, click Update and select original-installation-digest.jpu as the descriptor of the original package.

Add new and modified files and save the project, e.g under name MyProj_upd1.jpn. After that you may use the command

  xpack MyProj_upd1.jpn -target c:\temp\UpdateMyProj.exe

for automated builds.

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If I run the same update command twice in a row, will it produce exactly the same update file?

Yes, the result should be the same provided the files you added to the update project are not changed.

JetPackII projects contain only full path references to the included files so if the physical files are modified since the previous build, the resulting package changes as well. 

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