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Software Metrics Tool

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Hey there people. I' m new on this forums, stumbled upon you guys when i was researching something for my academic project involving Modula-2.

So my question is. Do you know of existence of any kind of software metrics tool for modula (plugin of some sort or stand alone tool). Exceptionally  intestrd for Halstead Measure and Cyclomatic Complexity metrics.

So thanx in advance.

BTW can you recommend me some online resource of modula knowledge

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No one seems to have answered this so better late than never.

I put together a McCabe CCI for M2 a long while ago. A copy is still on my website at:


The thresholds for complexity are set somewhat higher than the conventional wisdom.

comp.lang.modula2 used to be reasonably active but these days is all too quiet. however the archives and its FAQ should still have a fair amount of useful info.

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