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What is the format of the xbind.script?

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As you may see from the documentation:

"The xbind utility is used to perform post-installation processing of JET-compiled executables. You would normally use it in multiple root installations created with third-party installers."

... and then

"JetPackII prepares an xbind script file when creating the installation image. You do not need to edit that file. "

So the xbind script is not intended to be edited and thus its format was not documented.

However to get an example of it, just turn to "Installation into multiple directories" backend and create the installation package (it is not obligatory to have multiple roots for this installation type -- the only one is ok). You will get an xbind.script file in the unicode format in the target directory. It is fairly easy to discover the format from it. Tips: find the COMPONENT <YourExecutable> and the JETVMPROP directive below is what you need to patch.

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