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union datatypes

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I am tryng to call GetSystemInfo win32Api function.  It takes a structure that contains a union.  Here is the structure:

typedef struct _SYSTEM_INFO {

 union {

   DWORD  dwOemId;

   struct {

     WORD wProcessorArchitecture;

     WORD wReserved;



 DWORD  dwPageSize;

 LPVOID lpMinimumApplicationAddress;

 LPVOID lpMaximumApplicationAddress;

 DWORD_PTR dwActiveProcessorMask;

 DWORD dwNumberOfProcessors;

 DWORD dwProcessorType;

 DWORD dwAllocationGranularity;

 WORD wProcessorLevel;

 WORD wProcessorRevision;


How do I represent this to xFunction?


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