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SWT support without application launcher?

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I tried to use Jet to test if it can reduce SWT GUI related problems on Windows. The problems have something to do speed. However Jet supports SWT applications with application launchers.

Is there any way that I can compile SWT programs that do not use application launchers?


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What do you mean by 'application launchers'?

If by 'SWT applications with application launchers' you mean SWT applications based on OSGi/Eclipse RCP, then read the answer below:

Starting from version 6.5, Excelsior JET Enterprise Edition supports AOT compilation of Eclipse RCP applications.

As regards to SWT applications which are not based on OSGi/Eclipse RCP runtime they are supported by Excelsior JET as well as any other plain Java SE applications.

To compile plain Java SE application with JET you should first setup JET project either with JET Launcher


or with JET Control Panel


(select 'Plain Java SE application' on the Welcome Screen)



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