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mozSwing doens't work in Vista x64

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Make sure that you use a Java 6-based profile of Excelsior JET (launch JetSetup and check the active profile).

But when i launched it in Vista x64 then it didn't work correctly.

Please be more specific about the probelm

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I am not sure that i cleanly understand which more details you want. MozSwing is java swing component that allows embed firefox web render into java swing. I need application that i do has embedded browser. I compiled my application using Jet with profile 1.6.0_07. When i run compiled version in windows xp then browser component works fine. But in windows vista x64 MozSwing component is compiled by JET doesn't work. MozSwing component displays info:

Platform: Win32

Java: 1.6.0_07, Excelsior, LLC

org.mozilla.browser.MozillaException: org.mozilla.xpcom.XPCCOMException: Failed to register JavaXPCOM methods (0x80004005)

So i think that JavaXPCOM is compiled by JET doens't work correctly in windows vista x64. https://developer.mozilla.org/en/JavaXPCOM

Nevertheless when i run mozSwing component in Vista x64 using java Web start http://jnlp.concord.org/dev/mozswing/mozswing.jnlp then it works fine. So the problem is not .dll files of web render. Native sun's java run mozSwing correctly in windows vista x64.

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Now it's a detailed report, thank you.  B)

We will check it on our end and let you know the results.

Note however that the problem may be in JavaXPCOM itself (see this story for example).


BTW, does the problem appear if you use the latest version of Excelsior JET?

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