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installing linux-compiler on debian 3.0

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I installed the compiler to /usr/local/xds, then I read the note about better rebuilding the libraries on newer linux-systems. When doing "make -f lib.mkf" after a while I get the message:

make: *** No rule to make target '../../../../src/xr/C-Native/x86Linux/native_m.c' , needed by '../../C/native_m.o'. Stop.

I am using Debian 3.0 / gcc 2.95.4 - does anyone have an idea what I have to do?

TIA, Christoph

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In general, you do not need to rebuild the runtime library if you do not experience link errors.

Native XDS-x86 for Linux has been updated to v2.51, in which the problem you reported is fixed. Please download the new version. It was built on RedHat 8 (glibc version 2.2.93) and linked statically, so it should work on earlier systems too if you rebuild the runtime library (we tested it on RedHat 6.2).

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