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NO2: Notepad++ as Oberon-2 IDE

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(Original message in Russian.)

A little announcement for those not following the news on the Oberon Revival project.

There is the NO2 v0.1 package now available for download.

This is my personal assembly based on Notepad++ (free text editor, v4.8.0 is used) for working with XDS Oberon-2. The assembly includes some preconfigured plugins:

- Function List shows the list of procedures in the current file;

- Explorer displays the list of files and a folder tree and provides the standard Windows Explorer's context menu, including TortoiseCVS/SVN/GIT commands (for those who have it installed) for version management;

- NppExec allows one to execute console commands, preconfigured to highlight XC error messages (double click on the message opens the file/position of the error);

- code folding and syntax highlighting are supported via userDefineLang.xml (associated with *.ob2 file extension, use "View - User Define Dialog..." to configure);

- Obide plugin supports code tooltips (e.g. parameter list for a procedure, value for a constant, type name for a variable), code navigation (jump to identifier declaration and back) and autocompletion - a popup list of fields and type-bound procedures respecting ancestry and visibility rules (see plugins/doc/Obide.txt and "Plugins - Obide" in the main menu for the shortcuts);

- other plugins can, of course, be installed at will.

The assembly is portable, i.e. all the setings are stored in the installation folder, nothing is stored in the system registry or the "Application Data" folder, so you can run it from a flash drive. You can download it, try it out and delete.

I didn't test it myself, but I've heard that Notepad++ decently runs under Wine in Linux.

Suggestions, bug reports and acknowledgements are welcome here, or - preferably - in the mailing list: oberonrevival-xds-usage@lists.sourceforge.net (subscribe).

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