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Front end Oberon 2 language ide + highlighting

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Sounds great, I'll explore it this weekend.

Edit: Oops, no I won't, I should have realized with the .zip ext that it was probably Windows only.  Sounds interesting though.

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It is a lot of job. Was engaged.

Has begun to rock the English version to the address http://satan.ho.com.ua/IDE_OBERON.zip

In IDE unpretentious assembler, compiler of resources and frontend the compiler oberon 2, and as the designer of the forms enters.

In a folder of examples examples source on the assembler, resources and oberon 2

The illumination is realized only for oberon 2, for other languages there is no time, though the realization for any programming language is possible(probable).

In MEMO enters highlighting, codefolding + auto addition

At creation of the new project Win32, the designer of the forms + Tool Palette with standard controls is generated


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