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ISRV.exe vs windows sc.exe

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I'm just wondering. If my Java application extends com.excelsior.service.WinService, can it be installed using sc.exe that comes as part of windows. Or do you have to install it using the ISRV.exe that comes with JET?

I ask because currently our application is installed using a NSIS script that we have developed over the past year or so, we would rather keep using this if possible to install our program after it has been compiled with JET.

Does ISRV do anything special, or does it just install the service?

Many Thanks,


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Hi James,

The isrv utility was implemented for the completeness of Excelsior JET Installation Toolkit to enable Excelsior Installer to install Windows services.

isrv does not perform any JET-specific actions so you may continue using your established process for preparing setups with NSIS


--ZZ Top  B)

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