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packing .dll

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I have a java application that uses dll. I noticed that Excelsior Jet only compiles jar files to executable and the dll was not obfuscated with the exe. Is there a way to include the dll in the exe because I don't want my dll to be exposed.

Thanks in advance.

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No, it is not possible.

External DLLs must be visible to Windows to let it load them.

Some Java libraries (such as SWT), use the following trick to overcome this:

-- they put DLL into a jar

-- on a startup they extract the DLL to the temp directory and load it from there

-- on a shutdown they remove the DLL from the temp

If you would implement this trick with your application, your DLL will be packed with your jar into executable by Excelsior JET automatically as any other resource. However you have to reconcile that your DLL will be exposed to temp at application run.

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