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How do I configure garbage collection options in JET?

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I'd like to have some of the garbage collection options that I can configure with the sun JVM available in my JET application.  For example, I'd like generational garbage collection with controls over the size of the nursery and the aged memory spaces.  I'd also like to impose some of the garbage collection controls, and print the runtime garbage collection details.  I was wondering how we can include these items in an application created by JET.  Note that most of them in sun begin with -X.  Below is the list of parameters that I'd like to include:

























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Excelsior JET has its own implementation of memory management and garbage collection, so almost all settings for HotSpot that you listed is not applicable to Excelsior JET at all.  Related options for Excelsior JET is highlighted at this Knowledge Base article: "HOWTO: Fine tune application memory footprint" -- http://www.excelsior-usa.com/kb/000025.html.

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