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Tomcat start and shutdown ports to be defined by use at time of installation

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Hi all,

I have tried to build an windows installer for my web application deployed on tomcat 6.0.

I had followed the steps involved and successfully build an installer for my product.

but at the time of installation on client machine, I wanted to give user the possibility to specify the start and shutdown port which are by default 8080 and 8005 respectively.

How can I do it as it involves change in server.xml of tomcat.

It would be great help for me,

Thanks in advance

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Currently, there is no direct support for this in Excelsior Installer.

So I may suggest only a workaround using general install customization mechanism implemented in Excelsior JET.

But first, you need to change server.xml file specifying java system property instead of hardwired ports as highlighted at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1045949/change-tomcat-port-on-the-fly

Note, that besides JAVA_OPTS environment variable, you may specify your port properties in "catalina.properties" file (patch it at install time).

Second, you may customize installation process via implementing Install Callback DLLs  where you may draw additional dialog asking needed ports and saving the answers in, for instance, catalaina.properties file. However it would require C/C++ and WinAPI programming skills.

The callback DLLs are described in JET User's Guide, Chapter "Deployment

automation", Section "Step 6: Specifying Installation Settings / Extra

facilities" (http://www.excelsior-usa.com/doc/jet700/jetw007.html#0187), and Section "Excelsior Installer / Callback DLLs" (http://www.excelsior-usa.com/doc/jet700/jetw007.html#0209).

See also an example on how to do it at <JETInstallDir>/samples/InstallCustomization.

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