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Best way to invoke Application from CD

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See what is my requirement.

My application should only run from the CD automatically.(Exe should exist in CD).

Consider Jre should not be in system.

My current Approach.

->created My application's Exe from launch4j.

-> My applications Exe + Jre 1.6 is in CD. (Jre is of around 85MB in CD)

-> from Autorun.Inf i am calling my batch file.

-> batch file calling Exe which is taking CD jre\bin\java.exe.

My problem here is it is taking time to open my application of arround 1 minute.

can i speed it up anyhow via Excelsior.

can i previously convert it into native code or something.


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Yes, Excelsior JET can help improve the startup time.

Please create a JET project for your application (use the JET launcher). In the JET Control Panel test the application thoughtfully on the Testrun page (step 2). Then compile the project and proceed to create a deployment package with JetPackII.

Select "self-contained directory" as a back-end in JetPackII. The directory named  ?<project name>-native? will be created. You may copy this directory anywhere (for example to the CD) and then run the compiled application which is inside this directory, no JRE is required. You may create a script to invoke this executable and call this script from Autorun.inf file.

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