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Linux Support

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Any chance for more Linux support/testing?

I see:

RedHat Enterprise Linux 5

RedHat Enterprise Linux AS 4.0

RedHat Enterprise Linux AS 3.0

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9

But I want to see:





Maybe even optimized Android... hmmm

and more...

Any chance of that happening? Or does it actually work already, but not shown?

I have multi-plaform games and I would like to use JET at some point.  What are the chances for more linux testing/support?

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What we really say is that our product has passed the official Java Compatibility Kit test suite on those flavors of Linux. That does not preclude it from working on other flavors.

Please note however that it only makes sense for us to run the JCK on systems officially supported by Sun, as our product includes the reference implementation of the Java SE API, licensed for commercial use.

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