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How can I use -server in my java application command line

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we use Excelsior JET6.5  to create a new project for Plain java

SE application ,but how can I set the Java VM parameters as -server. I

have try to set it in the Command line(java -server -Xmx800m Worker.jar com.server.Launcher),

but it the JET Prompt that "unrecognized option <-server> ignored" !!!

:huh: ??? :huh:

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"-server" VM option is specific to Sun(Oracle) HotSpot JVM. It enables aggressive on-the-fly optimizations there.

Excelsior JET aggressively optimizes an application ahead-of-time (AOT) by default. So there is no such option for Excelsior JET JVM.

On the other hand, there is so called "Server" runtime in Excelsior JET. It scales well on multi-CPUs servers (so it has very different semantic from "-server" HotSpot vm option). Server runtime is available in Enterprise edition and is enabled by default there. You may check it on the Page Target of Excelsior JET Control Panel.

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