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I get a exception "Exception 0xC0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION)"

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Please, contact the vendor of the application.

Exception 0xC0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 0x67BC6A2 (D:\ICES\Single Build6 Debug 1.0\rt\jetrt\XKRN70016.dll+0x3bc6a2)

Failed to write memory at 0x2d00ea

PID 3068, TID 5800


  EAX = 0x1431D6A8  EBX = 0x68DE518

  ECX = 0x2D0036  EDX = 0x7370202

  ESI = 0x2CEA9ACC  EDI = 0xB457

  EBP = 0x1431D6A8  ESP = 0x23AFD60

  EIP = 0x67BC6A2 (D:\ICES\Single Build6 Debug 1.0\rt\jetrt\XKRN70016.dll+0x3bc6a2)


  0x23AFD60:  0x28 0x64756E1 0x1431D6A8 0x6A965E0

  0x23AFD70:  0x21 0x0 0x6A965E0 0x64716C8

  0x23AFD80:  0x0 0x0 0x0 0x2D8B2020

  0x23AFD90:  0x9 0x9220000 0x18E1FFFF 0x38920000

Version Information:

  Java version: 1.6.0_16

  Excelsior JET 7.00 Enterprise edition

  Build info: RT: Enterprise edition, build jet-700-release (Sun Dec 13 01:05:57 NOVT 2009)

  JET Profile: 1.6.0_16

  Runtime: Server

  Application was deployed

Options and system properties:





Entry point type: exe

Command line: "D:\ICES\Single Build6 Debug 1.0\Single.exe"

OS: Windows 2003 Service Pack 1 build 3790

Could you please tell me why it occur  and Is there a way to avoid this?

Thanks in advance.


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