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Persistence.xml - JET with JPA question

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When compiling my application with JET how do I make sure that a persistence.xml file will get picked up correctly when I run it with JET.

I have tried with the persistence.xml file inside the .jar file, and I have tried also adding the META-INF folder onto the classpath when I compile with JET.

It seems that both ways when I run the application the persistence.xml file is not found.

What should be the correct way of achieving this?

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Please send an example to reproduce the problem to Support Dept. (java at excelsior-usa.com).

Also send your JET project files (*.prj, *.jpn) and the Java command line that you use to start your application on the standard JRE. We will check if the settings are correct.

We will examine the problem on our end and post a follow-up with the results in this topic.

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