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ArrayList.iterator() failed with a NullPointerException

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Hello everyone

another (anonymous) player has sent us a stacktrace of a crash:

at java.util.AbstractList$Itr.hasNext(AbstractList$Itr.class:0)
at net.gewaltig.cultris.gui.OpenGLGUI.update(OpenGLGUI.java:190)
at net.gewaltig.cultris.tools.UpdateManager.update(UpdateManager.java:63)
at net.gewaltig.cultris.Cultris.main(Cultris.class:98)

and here's the relevant method:

  public boolean update(float _dt) throws Exception
     return true;

   Iterator<CMenu> it=menus.iterator();
     CMenu cur=it.next();
     if(cur.fade==0 && cur.fadeV==0)

The user ran this on a quad-core machine under Windows 7 x86, again with plenty of free memory. The relevant list (menu) is an ArrayList and is never ever accessed by any other thread. "cur.deinit()" does not modify the menu ArrayList. How can this break?



By the way: I'd enjoy reading new blog posts :)

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Unfortunately, we cannot reason about a program by a code snippet. Can you send us a compilable example (or the entire application) to reproduce the problem on our end?

BTW, have you tried to run the application on a quad-core machine with Sun-Oracle JRE and reproduce the issue?

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