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From The Labs: First 64-bit Executable Launches

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Excelsior JET has produced the first 64-bit executable that starts and terminates correctly. It was compiled by a baseline (non-optimizing) AOT compiler that currently supports only “simple” bytecodes such as arithmetic operations and direct calls.

All this may sound trivial, but actually indicates successful completion of a few large engineering tasks:

  • The baseline compiler has been completely re-implemented in Java (BTW, its 32-bit version has passed all JCK 6 tests)
  • 64-bit code emitter has been successfully integrated into the new baseline compiler
  • Lots of work have been done in the linker to support various JET Runtime structures for 64-bit platforms (which will not be limited to Windows and Linux, we hope ;) )

Now we are working actively on the 64-bit runtime. Stay tuned.

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