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Excelsior JET Roadmap Updated, Feedback Sought

Java 7 vs 64-bit  

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  1. 1. How important is Java 7 support for you?

    • I can wait for Java 7, keep focused on 64-bit support
    • Give me Java 7 support ASAP, 64-bit can wait
    • I am happy with 32-bit Java SE 6

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The updated Excelsior JET Roadmap is back online.

In brief: the last 32-bit-only version is on track for October release, the first 64-bit preview is set to see the light of day before the end of 2011, and Java 7 is put aside in favor of an earlier 64-bit release, in turn expected to occur in about a year from now.

We understand this may not align with your plans for Java 7 and therefore would greatly appreciate your feedback!

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Thanks a lot for updating the Roadmap.

I believe i prefer to have it on 64-bit port, you see the wast application of Java 7 makes it even more tempting.

I hope we will see that release soon.

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