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Fatal Error Occurred

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It's my first time using Excelsior, so maybe it can be minor.

I can't create package at all.

in step 4, create button generates pop-up a fatal error dialog.

'Cannot create temporary file for project'

Windows 7 / Dell PC

How can i solve this problem?



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Excelsior Installer\Delivery uses the default temporary-file directory. In your case file could not be created in the default temporary directory. The default temporary-file directory is specified by the system property java.io.tmpdir. On Microsoft Windows systems it is typically "C:\\WINNT\\TEMP".

May be you have not access right to the default temporary-file directory. To check it, please launch Excelsior Delivery with administrative privileges and reproduce this issue. Right click on Excelsior delivery shortcut and select "Run as administrator".

May be the default temporary-file directory is absent. To ensure that this directory exists, please execute the following command:

mkdir %TEMP%

If the default temporary-file directory exists, you see the following message:

"A subdirectory or file <directory_name> already exists."

You can change the value of the system property java.io.tmpdir for Excelsior Installer\Delivery. To do it, please launch Excelsior Delivery (or Installer) via the following eit_launcher.bat:

@echo off

set jetvmprop=-Djava.io.tmpdir=path_to_temporary_directory

"C:\Program Files\Excelsior Delivery 2.1\Packager.exe" %*

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