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I was just faced with a problem I hope there's a solution to. Here are the specifics:

- The project: I'm working on an ongoing project, which is in its final stages but has been already deployed on a few computers. These need to be kept up with new updates, of course.

- Method: Every two weeks or so a new updater is created (w/Delivery) based on the previous .eiu, along with a new Setup that contains everything; the idea here is to avoid a lengthy setup/update/update... process for new installs.

- Problem: Updates applied to installs created with the original setup work flawlessly, but when applied to installs where a more recent setup was used they don't fly - error msg is "a previous update hasn't been applied" or something along those lines.

- The question: I figure each update somehow marks the install with a version id or something, and that's why the above doesn't work. Is there a way around this? Can the install be somehow hacked to make the updater "think" it's valid?

Thanks in advance!

Note: using Delivery 2.2

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