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Output of Unix-like EOL (single LF character) in Windows

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I wanted to create a console tool to process some text files. I took XDS Oberon, for it's the simplest console implementation of Oberon to date. It was required that some of the output files would contain Unix-like end-of-line markers (the single LF character = 0AX).

I tried Out.Ln, it outputs CRLF, which is normal in Windows. There is no setting to change that AFAIK, but that's OK.

Out.Char(0AX) also outputs CRLF. This is a bit weird.

Alright, the Out module is a just wrapper for the standard IO channels subsystem, which is written in Modula. Let's dive into that subsystem.

RawIO.Write(StdChans.OutChan(), 0AX); - outputs CRLF.

ch := 0AX; IOChan.RawWrite(StdChans.OutChan(), SYSTEM.ADR(ch), 1); - outputs CRLF.

I feel like an idiot.

Is there a way to push a single 0AX character through a channel without getting the CR in front of it?

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No, you are not an idiot. See my post `IOChan.RawWrite cooks' (20 September 2005 - 11:31 PM) although it is about XDS Modula-2. And, if you like to hear, IOChan.RawRead has the same problem, i.e. you get CR/LF when the file has only LF.

My anser: Import Windows module and write RawWrite yourself.

PROCEDURE RawWrite(cid: ChanId; from: ADDRESS; locsToWrite: CARDINAL);




IF Windows.WriteFile(cid^.Handle, from, locsToWrite, res, NIL) THEN



(*put error message if you like*)

HALT() END END RawWrite;

But this means that you rewrite all other file i/o procedures including open and close, as well as the entire InOut module. I did it.

I hope the new version be better, but I think I will keep using my own library for the sake of compatibility and simplicity.

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