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XEND72020.dll detected as a virus

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Microsoft Security Essentials is reporting that the file rt\jetrt\XEND72020.dll is a Backdoor:Win32/Ursap!rts virus as shown here: http://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/Threat/Encyclopedia/Entry.aspx?name=Backdoor%3aWin32%2fUrsap!rts&threatid=2147625170.

I do not feel comfortable distributing software that trigger virus alerts.

Please advise ASAP,


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Earlier we have already received similar issues with XEND72020.dll and antivirus detections from our customers.

We have checked this file in clean environment and confirmed that those detections were false positive.

So we have contacted the vendors of the antivirus systems and they have fixed those false detections in future versions of their products.

Now to be sure we have just installed Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus with up-to-date virus database and re-checked XEND72020.dll on it.

The antivirus hasn't found any problems with it. So most probably the problem can be solved by updating the virus database.

Also you can check the file with on-line virus checker, e.g. Virus Total.

-- Vladimir

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After updating the Microsoft Security Essentials virus database, I attempted to reinstall my Excelsior-based software. In the attached screenshot you will see the following

1. Virus Database is up to date

2. MSE detects XEND72020.dll as a virus

3. Installer unable to write the dll file to the file system.

Unfortunately when I attempted to upload a png file of 189kb, the following message appeared when I pressed the "Attach This File" button:

Request Entity Too Large

Please advise

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