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ProcessBuilder does not support Unicode as same as Java Runtime

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We are trying a workaround proposed in the following Java bug:

(process) Runtime.exec() cannot invoke applications with unicode parameters (win)


The workaround uses environment variables to pass unicode argument strings to a process. It works in Java runtime. But it failed after we compiled the workaround with JET. We used JDK 1.6.0_u24 and various professional versions of JET including the latest 7.6 MP2. We used all default settings for JET project.

I attached the source code of the test program that copies files to demonstrate the problem. When you run the program with Java Runtime directly, two "success" will be printed to the console. When you run the program with JET, you will get one "success" and one "fail".

One thing we noticed that JET failed even at Step 2, "Perform a test run", with the uncompiled jar. Is there some settings in JET we overlooked?


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Indeed, Excelsior JET does not support passing of unicode environment to a new process.

However, it can be implemented in a hotfix to Excelsior JET 7.6.

Please contact our Support department via java at excelsior-usa.com e-mail.

Include details about your Excelsior JET version and edition.


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We have fixed the problem. Users of Excelsior JET 7.6 (prior MP3) that suffer from this problem can contact our support to get the hotfix under valid support contracts.

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