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Excelsior JET 7.0, NullPointerException - No stack trace

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We use JET 7.0 to build our application. I am getting a NullPointerException at some point when writing data to the disk( to xml file )and there is no stack trace for this exception, although I have enabled full stack trace in the build. It happens only when using JET coz when we do a normal build without using JET we do not get this exception. Below are two different logs where we get this exception, however, they are not very useful as there is no stack trace available.

120329 10:29:39.202 FLOW INFO Job-Forward-35: Sleeping for 10 seconds prior to checking SCU send status for each study (ForwardJob.java-750)

120329 10:29:49.296 FILE INFO Job-Forward-35: Opened for writing D:\bbRad\data\ZUK14\StudiesZUK14.db with encoding UTF-8 (bbRadUtils.java-44)

120329 10:29:49.671 FLOW FATAL Job-Forward-35: Thread Job-Forward-35 crashed! Exception was: java.lang.NullPointerException (bbRadGateway.java-295)

120430 10:02:26.236 DATC INFO Job-Route-4972: ODBC Node PACSODBC does not exist in ServerData ODBC list. No report query will be performed for study 10059_ZUK21 (RulesProcessor.java-1237)

120430 10:02:26.236 FILE INFO Job-Route-4972: Opened for writing E:\bbRad\data\ZUK21\StudiesZUK21.db with encoding UTF-8 (bbRadUtils.java-45)

120430 10:02:26.705 FLOW FATAL Job-Route-4972: Thread Job-Route-4972 crashed! Exception was: java.lang.NullPointerException (bbRadGateway.java-296)

It is completely random and throws exception for some data but works fine for the same data when tried again. We use our application in different OS'. We have observed this exception in Windows server 2008 x64, Windows server 2003 x64. I'm happy to provide anymore info you need, to help me resolve this issue.

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The most probably it is known Windows 64-bit related problem that was already fixed. So please try the latest version of Excelsior JET and let know if the problem still persists with it.

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