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Can code compiled by JET be stolen?

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is possible for an attacker to do a memory dump and get the java code of my program?

I really want to protect my code against attackers, i purchasd JET to make my program secure, but i've still got these doubts.

waiting for a reply. Thank you.

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Excelsior JET provides code protection through ahead-of-time compilation: it takes your jars and classes as input,

compiles them to optimized native code, and produces a conventional executable. After compilation, bytecode is no longer needed and it is not included into the resulting executable. The native code is much harder to reverse engineer compared to Java bytecode.

To make sure that all your class files are compiled, open your project in JET Control Panel on the page CLASSPATH and check that "Protect" column contains "all classes" for application jar files.

You can read more about code protection here

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So the final result is a C++ like app which can't be decompiled nor available to get the code by memory dump?

Yes, the final result is an executable containing optimized native code, as if you wrote your program in C++. A skilled engineer can decompile it "by hand", but that is much more expensive compared to running your jar file through a Java decompiler.

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