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How to convert complex java app

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Hi All,

I am new to Excelsior JET. I have a complex Java client that contains multiple jars, dll's. When installed the client takes the native dlls and copies them to a specific directory. There is also some system calls in the client.

I use ant to do my builds for java web start deployment and create a single signed jar for a app store deployment. I now have another app store I want to deploy to but it needs a signed exe instead of signed jar.

What is the best approach when using Excelsior JET?

Many Thanks!


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Hello Tony,

First you need to figure out how to run your application as ordinary Java application (without Java web start). To start using Excelsior JET you need to know the Java command line of your application.

Please watch the tutorial to get started.

For information about signing executables see this article.

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