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Upgrade from 4.5

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I have a big POS application with which I use JET 4.5 and I'm considering to upgrade to the latest version.

The problem is that I have the application on more than 200 locations.

Each installation has several compiled DLL's and a .exe launcher file.

Also the full rt folder with JET runtime.

I have the possibility to let the application to download any file from my server and execute something to do the upgrade.

Can you assist with a strategy to upgrade?


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Excelsior JET does not provide facilities for automatic updates.

You can use the following approach to update your application:

  1. Compile your application with the latest version of Excelsior JET.
  2. Package it to a self-contained directory.
  3. Create an updating launcher which removes the old files and moves the new files into their place. You can make it as .bat file or write in C. This launcher should wait until its parent executable is terminated.
  4. Send the self-contained directory (to a subdirectory of the installation directory) along with updating launcher.
  5. Instruct the application to run updating launcher and exit.



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