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How do I upgrade Java SE desktop application with database

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What is the best scenario to upgrade a Java SE desktop application with a database?

Database install / upgrade may include following steps (not all every time and not necessarily in here listed order)

- check availability of tcp/ip port, change configuration files if needed

- export data

- import data

- install rdbms

- run SQL scripts: create/drop database, create/drop user, create/drop tables, views, procedures, alter tables,...

I would like to use jetpack as much as possible but is it possible / reasonable to try to do all things with jetpack?

Is it possible to divide jetpack installation into pieces: DB installation / upgrade, application installation / upgrade?

Can jetpack launch external programs, wait its termination and continue depending on the return value of the launched external programs?

Thank you for your support.

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I would like to use jetpack as much as possible

I guess you mean Excelsior Installer setup generated by JetPackII as one of possible targets (back-ends).

Extra functionality in the installation process can be added with pre-install/post-install DLLs as follows. You write the necessary logic in other language, compile it into DLL(s), add them to the package files and specify those DLLs in JetPackII. As a result, Excelsior Installer will invoke methods from the DLLs during installation and, if necessary, during uninstallation.

For more details, please consult this section of the JET User's Guide.

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