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Excelsior JET 9 Released

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New and Noteworthy

Support for Java SE 7

Excelsior JET 9 supports Java SE 7 Update 40 out of the box, later updates will be supported through add-ons, as usual.

New Platform

Linux x64 is added to the list of supported platforms.

Other improvements

Stack trace printing is now enabled by default, so as to improve the de-facto compatibility with other Java implementations.

New And Improved in The 64-bit Version

  • Linux support
  • Compilation time reduced by 10% on average
  • Compiler memory footprint 3x lower
  • Application performance improvements:
    • 1.2x improvement of SPECjvm2008 composite score
    • 1.6x to 2x higher performance of selected tests from EEMBC and DaCapo benchmark suites.

Download Your 90-Days Evaluation Copy

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