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How to compile Javafx quickly?

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Firstly, I would like to thank Excelsior.

We got a free license recently for our free and open source project.

We are thinking of migrating our UI to javafx.

Javafx seems to run fine on excelsior jet.

The only problem is that the compile time is reallyyyyy loooooooong.

What excelsior jet seems to do is, it uses pre-compiled binaries/objects of java runtime.

So everytime a user compiles his application he doesn't have to compile the java runtime

with excelsior jet, he only needs to compile his portion of the code.

But for javafx, the javafx runtime has to be compiled each and every time.

That takes a long long time.

Is there a way, by which, I could compile javafx once and use it everytime by sort of linking

my project to it ?

This would reduce the compile time a lot, because my program is not really big, most of the time

goes into compiling javafx.

Thanks :)

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