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creating file when i start the .exe of my project

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Hi, please I'm new in using the Excelsior JET to make .exe in windows 7. i finished my project Java SE and i make the .exe using Excelsior JET but i found problem.

In my project i have file that create automatically using FileWriter; in this file i store the results. it works good in netbeans but when i start .exe the project works good but the file couldnt creates i dont know where is exactly the problem. Can someone help me please. just to add when i install the .exe made by Excelsior JET at the end it gives me a window that demands to finish the installation and start the .exe. When i start it the file is created and the results added to it. But when i stop the project and i start it again it cant create file or add results into it.

please if you can help me as soon as possible.

best regards

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It seems that you try to create a file in some folder that requires adminstrator rights (such as "Program Files") and UAC blocks it. Just after installation an application runs as adminstrator (but probably we will change it soon) and this way you are able to write files in restricted folders when it runs as admin. Next time it runs with usual right and is unable to write files in restricted folders. You may specify +runAsAdmin option in your project file to force your application always run as admin (that will always pop up UAC window in exchange) or do not write your files in restricted folders.

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