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Charset defaultCharset is not same as Oracle java

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Default Charset


For Oracle JVM is UTF-8

And for Excelsior Jet 9.0 is windows-1252.

The javadocs about Charset.defaultCharset() say

Returns the default charset of this Java virtual machine.

The default charset is determined during virtual-machine startup and
typically depends upon the locale and charset of the underlying
operating system.

I wouldn't expect different defaultCharset being returned

on the same machine, when running the same program, just on a different VM.

Please resolve default Charset issue if this difference is non-intentional.

In any case, this post might be helpful for someone facing similar issue in future.


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I have to make a software release, and cannot delay it any more.

For now I have fixed the issue by explicitly specifying UTF-8 at all places in my code.

I will try out the maintenance pack that you have provided, but may be not for this version of my software.

Thank you. :)

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