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Invalid Excelsior JRE directory path canonicalization failed

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I have compiled my java application and packed it with the JetPackII, I put the files on my memory stick and tried it on another computer and it worked fine but then I gave the exe and the 'rt' folder to a friend to try

and he was getting this error:

"Invalid Excelsior JRE directory path canonicalization failed"

I assumed it was because he didn't have JRE installed but then I saw that the JetPackII packs what looks like JRE into it so is this not the problem? if not what else could cause this error?

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First of all, make sure to copy the EXE file that was processed by the packager (JetPackII), not the EXE originally emitted by the compiler. If you build a new EXE, you have to re-package it before copying to other PCs; there is a command-line tool for that called xpack.

Also, if you do not have the latest update installed (for Excelsior JET 9 it is Maintenance Pack 2 as of today), install it then rebuild and re-package your app.

If nothing helps: What are your friend's operating system and its language settings?

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