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Not able to start Excelsior-Jet

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I installed JET successfully on Mac OS X Maverick last week and was able to compile native applications and run them. I upgraded to the Yosemite release this morning and tried to start up JET and it fails. It keeps saying it's not able to find a compiler. I have the required Java 7 64bit SDK installed. I am not sure why this is happening now after the OS upgrade. I've included the error message below. Please let me know if you require any additional information or files.


Warning: JET Setup has failed to create profile due to the following reason:

Failed to determine compiler version.

In order to use Excelsior JET you have to run JET Setup and to create JET Profile manually.

Severe: Failed to determine compiler version.

Severe error: The installing of Excelsior JET 10.0 Evaluation 64-bit on your computer has failed due to the following error: Execution '"/Users/forge/Documents/jet10.0-eval-amd64/bin/jetsetup" -show-welcome -ignore-jethome' failed - exit code 1

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