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Absolutely No clue

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Truth1 : Excelior JET do not compile whole java byetcode to native

(Since in run time in order to maintain behavior of java , rest of code remains in byetcode)

I read documentation of JET , but since it is closed source , Excelsior team haven't written anything yet.

"What classes/methods gets converted into native or what kind of behavior should classes have to be converted in native"

There is no option of doing compilation of whole package to native (Auto-detect) option.

2 options : Auto-Detect, or no compilation.

In order to protection ,How could I verify if my particular class/method got converted into native or not?

excelsior jet is a full java implementation. that means it supports reflection. with reflection, you can enumerate all classes, their methods and fields, call them at runtime.

As excelsior jet itself another vm , so if important classes in byetcode can be get and reversed ,if my important part of applications remains in byetcode ,there is no mean of using JET :(

I emailed JET team regarding this.

They responded but , only selected questions , they didn't provided me whole answer yet , or method that I can check if my class/method got native conversation or not.

Any kind of help will be appreciated.

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For Reflection and JNI to work, only the names of classes, methods, and fields are needed, not the bytecode. It is perfectly possible in many cases to compile the entire Java app to native code and ship it without the original class files.

That said, there are libraries and APIs that are designed to work with bytecode or rely on the presence of bytecode at runtime. One notable example of the latter are the security providers. Refer to the following Excelsior JET Knowledge Base article for details:

HOWTO: Compile an application that uses a security provider

The log files emitted by the Excelsior JET compiler contains full information about which classes it compiled.

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