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Possible way for portable version (working on any OS)?

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I want to provide an portable version of my application which should work for any OS. Is there any way I can combine the applications build for Windows, Linux and Max OS X?

I combined the rt directories and it seems to work, but as there were around 50 files which were different and I had to decide whether to override or not, I am not sure if that will work for any scenario or if that will result in errors.

Any ideas or better solutions?

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It is not a good idea to merge rt folders because they contain some platform-dependent files with the same names.

JetPackII allows you to rename the rt folder, so you can create independent folders rt-windows, rt-linux, rt-osx and place them near your executables.

However, please note that this feature is not yet supported by maven plugin for Excelsior JET. Please feel free to create an issue about supporting it on our page on GitHub:



Excelsior Support

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