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org.modelmapper.PropertyMap issues

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I'm compiling a tomcat application. Everything works fine, except one thing. 

In the application I have the following:

import org.modelmapper.PropertyMap;

public class MyPropertyMap extends PropertyMap<X, Y> {
    protected void configure() {

When I run the native compiled exe, the above runs fine.

When I run the same exe through the trial run in JetPack II, I get a nullpointer exception in the map()... line. I assume because geSomeProperty() somehow returns null, or source is null, or both.

What could be the issue? 

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It looks like a configuration issue if you code works fine after compilation and throws NPE while trial run in JetPackII. Maybe your application requires some configuration/property files or it depends on current directory.

Does the problem reproduce after packaging ignoring results of trial run?

Is it possible to add debug print in configure() method (i.e. print value of map(), map().getSomeProperty(), source)?

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