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Unable to get Redirection to work.

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Hi,  I am desperately in need of some help, I  am trying to convert a few simple programs written with Topspeed M2 back in the 90's.

However I cannot seem to get the redirection file to work,  I am using  PC- Linux-OS.

usr/local.xds/bin   is in the $PATH        and      XDS is installed in /usr/local.

I have created a sub directory of the xds directory   /p0,   and xcwork from p0 has created the  def, obj, src, sym  directories.

I have put 2 files in xds/p0/def     they are  mylib.def  and  mylib.mod

PART of REDIRECTION FILE   in the xds directory. =

*.def  = ./def;/p0/def      also tried       *.def  = ./usr/local/xds/p0/def
However I always get a  "no such file"  Error

[dave@localhost xds]$ xc mylib.def
file open error: "mylib.def" no such file

I even tried putting  the mylib.def file in  usr/local/xds/def/xds      with other def files.

and every other combination that I can think of,  always the   SAME Error

Any help / suggestions  most welcome


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Many thanks for the Reply.

XDS re-installed, just the same. i've made some progress with the file Name and the Path.

Seems  that the Dos file name "MENUS..DEF" is unacceptable, but "Menus.def" is Ok.

Although the xc.red file in the xds directory has   *.def  = ./def;./p0/def

I have to use xc ./p0/def/FileName  on the command line, not sure why ?

So now I can get the compiler to work, but immediately hit an error problem, as this is unrelated

to this post I have started a new post for the error problem.


Dave P..









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