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Cleanup of files in JET directory

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I am trying to analyze which files in JET directory are no longer necessary. The question is whether for proper JET execution do we need:

  1. older JRE profiles,
  2. setup/backup folder,
  3. setup/prebuilt folder,
  4. setup/updates folder.

Can you please verify?


Thanks, Martin

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Hi Martin,

You better not remove those folders manually, but use JETSetup utility for it.
What you need is the following commands:

jetsetup -remove-profile <profile-index>
jetsetup -cleanup-backup

Note that on Windows you need to add `-batch` option before any others.

Please refer to User's Guide section "2.5 JET Setup options summary" for futher info.

Kind regards,
Igor Jorch,
Excelsior Support.

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