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launch native java with jet dll

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I want to use existing jet compiled java dll's  with java code, thus calling jet compiled java class from java compiled class in byte code.

Is there a java JET runtime environment available  for running java native code in jet runtime enviornment ? 



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Hello Stephan,

If you want to run let's say class Foo with Oracle JDK and call a class Bar from JET-compiled DLL then it is not possible because these classes will require different VMs.

When you run class Foo on Oracle JDK it works on Oracle HotSpot VM. At the same time class Bar can be used only by Java applications which run on Excelsior JET VM.

So if you want to call class Bar from class Foo then you need either to compile class Foo with Excelsior JET or create a separate JET-compiled launcher application which will be used just to load class Foo without the need to pre-compile it.

If you need more details regarding the provided solutions please don't hesitate to ask.


Ruslan Kim
Excelsior Support

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