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Topspeed Convert 2 errors not understood[SOLVED]

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I am trying to convert some Topsped M2 library modules to XDS
I have only just started using XDS and I am running into problems.

I am having a problem understanding the following two errors.
The code is as follows

[ CODE ]   (* This bit is Ok,  for Info only *)
  MenuDefnPtr = POINTER TO MenuDefn;

  MenuDefn = RECORD
   MenuProc : PROC;         (* Proc. to use while waiting for a responce *)
   (* Other bits of code *)
[ END CODE ]     (* No problem here *)

When a Menu is displayed and awaits a key press, if Menu Proc has been
allocated a procedure of type PROC the procedure will be called. and
will return to the Menu on completion or a Key press.

PROCEDURE SetMenuProc( MenuPtrs : Menu; NewProc : PROC );
this is set to NULLPROC when not required.   (* in Topspeed *)
   MenuProc := NULLPROC;

I changed NULLPROC to NIL but neither works.
* [./p0/src/Menus.mod 556.19 E029]
* incompatible types:
    "PROCEDURE [Modula] ()"
    MenuProc      $:= NULLPROC;
[ END Original ]

* [./p0/src/Menus.mod 556.19 E029]
* incompatible types:
    "PROCEDURE [Modula] ()"
    MenuProc      $:= NIL;      
[ END Changed ]


Another Error that I cannot understand.

* [./p0/src/Menus.mod 412.28 W325]
* possible ambiguity; two-char array passed
    PosTilde  := Pos( Name,$'~' );

How can '~' be a two char array, I believe CHAR is One Byte.

Any help to resolve these two problems would be most welcome.

Dave P..


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Hi Dave,

Please turn on "M2EXTENSIONS" option to solve the problem with type compatibility.

MODULE MyModule; 

in the command line

xc MyModule.mod +m2extensions  

or in the xc.cfg file.

M2EXTENSIONS - enable Modula-2 extensions
If the option is set ON, the compiler allows XDS Modula-2 language extensions, 
such as line comment ("--"), read-only parameters, etc., to be used in the source code.

As an alternative you can use type cast

   MenuProc := SYSTEM.CAST(PROC, NIL);

As regards to the second problem, I should see the prototype of "Pos" function to give an advice. 

With best regards,

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Many thanks for the reply Konstantin, its a great help.

Your advice has got me over the first problem,

I found the Topspeed  info for Pos  it takes an array of Char, also found info for CharPos which does the same only it takes a Char. So the 2nd problem solved.

Dave P..

Edited by DavePritchard
Extra problem Solved

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