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JetPack Wont Continue

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Hi All,

I am new to this forum, I have installed Excelsior and have obtained a Evaluation copy for study purposes from the company.

I have had some trouble using JetPack II.

I have worked out that if I want to compile an .exe that does not require either Excellsior installed or Java installed that I must use JetPack II.

My problem is that I cannot get past the first screen. The Next button is greyed out.

I have started by creating a project and then dragging the .jar file of my application and a .txt file.

The button is greyed out please see screenshot.

Can anyone assist me please?



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Just in addition to this,

I did try to compile with the main Excellsior program and when I tried to run the application on the PC that does not have Java or Excellsior installed.

Received the error

Fatal error: Excelsior JET 14.00 installation cannot be found.


if you deploy the compiled executables to other machines please use the JetPackII tool to prepare the installation package.


So that is what I have done. And I cannot continue PLEASE HELP!


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