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If delete uninstall exe file, how to uninstall completely?

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Hello Excelsior JET team.

I am using JET ver 12 on windows.

I have a question about unistall of the JET applications.

If users delete the JET application installed files with DELETE key of keyboard that not executed uninstall.exe.

Of course, I think this case is incorrect operation.

But I want to know how to uninstall completely when delete installed files without executing uninstall.exe file.

Does It needs restore or clean the registry keys of Excelsior JET ?

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If the application was removed manually then you might need to remove it from the application list in "Control Panel" -> "Programs and Features".

By default the installed applications don't create new registry keys. However if your application creates any file associations then the corresponding registry keys are created and thus should be removed.

Also you might want to remove the application's shortcuts if any.

Ruslan Kim

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