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Packaging up compiled hello world java application fails

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I wrote a simple Gradle plugin to wrap the JET execution and it turned out one of the integration tests started to fail with JET 15.0.

I am attaching the prj file, zipped jetpdb folder content and full build log from which the full command line commands are shown.

The java source file is just hell world without any additional dependencies:

package apollosoft.build.support.gradle.jet;

public class Main {

    public static void main(String... args) {
        System.out.println("Hello packed JET !");

The important part of the JET compilation log:

Starting process 'command '/home/martin/jet-extract-folder/bin/jc''. Working directory: /home/martin/devel/apollo/buildteam/gradle_plugins/build/spockSpecifications/jet/03-jetPacking/build/jet Command: /home/martin/jet-extract-folder/bin/jc =p =a /home/martin/devel/apollo/buildteam/gradle_plugins/build/spockSpecifications/jet/03-jetPacking/build/jet/infoboard.prj
Successfully started process 'command '/home/martin/jet-extract-folder/bin/jc''
Excelsior JET v15.0 Professional Edition (c) Excelsior 1997,2018
Active Java SE Version 1.8.0_144 (profile 8144)
Make project "/home/martin/devel/apollo/buildteam/gradle_plugins/build/spockSpecifications/jet/03-jetPacking/build/jet/infoboard.prj"
Reading /home/martin/devel/apollo/buildteam/gradle_plugins/build/spockSpecifications/jet/03-jetPacking/build/libs/03-jetPacking.jar ...  1 classes

Total compilable classes within classpath entries: 1

------------------------  Parsing Stage  ---------------------------------------

   1/1: /home/martin/devel/apollo/buildteam/gradle_plugins/build/spockSpecifications/jet/03-jetPacking/build/libs/03-jetPacking.jar:/apollosoft/build/support/gradle/jet/Main.class
files: 1  errors: 0  warnings: 0  notices: 0

------------------------  Codegen Stage  ---------------------------------------

  0% done, 1/1 to go: /home/martin/devel/apollo/buildteam/gradle_plugins/build/spockSpecifications/jet/03-jetPacking/build/libs/03-jetPacking.jar:/apollosoft/build/support/gradle/jet/Main.class
Oak optimizations

Triading    <init>  
Triading    main  
errors(0), warnings(0), notes(0); bytes(5213), time  0.00
Preparing resources for packing ...
Processing /home/martin/devel/apollo/buildteam/gradle_plugins/build/spockSpecifications/jet/03-jetPacking/build/libs/03-jetPacking.jar ...
Resources were successfully prepared for packing.
files: 1  errors: 0  warnings: 0  notices: 0

XDS Link Version 2.25.40 Copyright (c) Excelsior 1995-2017.
No errors, no warnings

Link time 0:00.22

The important part of the JET packaging log:

Starting process 'command '/home/martin/jet-extract-folder/bin/xpack''. Working directory: /home/martin/devel/apollo/buildteam/gradle_plugins/build/spockSpecifications/jet/03-jetPacking/build/jet Command: /home/martin/jet-extract-folder/bin/xpack -backend self-contained-directory -source /home/martin/devel/apollo/buildteam/gradle_plugins/build/spockSpecifications/jet/03-jetPacking/build/jet/binary -target /home/martin/devel/apollo/buildteam/gradle_plugins/build/spockSpecifications/jet/03-jetPacking/build/jet/packed
Successfully started process 'command '/home/martin/jet-extract-folder/bin/xpack''
JetPackII batch mode
  The file /home/martin/devel/apollo/buildteam/gradle_plugins/build/spockSpecifications/jet/03-jetPacking/build/jet/binary/jetMainClassTest is compiled for the profile "1.8.0_144" but does not compatible with it. Recompile your application to fix the problem.
Fatal error: No JET-compiled components in this project

The build error is confusing. Please advice what is going on.






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I re-linked the executable with jetpdb you attached and then successfully packed it with xpack without any errors.

The error means that the built executable is binary incompatible with current JET profile.

It can happen if you install a Maintenance Pack and used old executable  or you create another JET profile with endorsed jars with jetsetup but as I see it is not your case.

Please attach the 


executable and /home/martin/jet-extract-folder/profile1.8.0_144/jetrt/libXKRN15008144.so. Perhaps re-installing JET can also help

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